I am looking for what I will call OPEN MINDED BELIEVERS to interview.  I received such good responses from “nones” that I want to try to receive thoughts from this category.

What I mean by open minded believers is people who haven’t rejected religion.  They might still check Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist on a survey but would described themselves as open to the truths of other religions.  In other words, they are not “married” to the particular truth system to which they are attached “till death do us part.”

I have a feeling from talking to friends and acquaintances that there are a lot of folks who “ride loosely in the saddle” of their religion and are open to dabbling in other religions or even switching if they felt moved to do so.

If you think you fit the category of an OPEN MINDED BELIEVER and would be willing to be interviewed, send me an email at tomholmes10@gmail.com and we’ll go from there.