The Roosevelt Road bridge over the Des Plaines River is open for local traffic only and may be open for two-way limited traffic later Saturday, said Forest Park Village Administrator Tim Gillian.

“I was over there this morning and it looks like the sewer on the westbound side will allow us to open up that lane and get us one going eastbound later today or tomorrow,” Gillian said. 

Gillian said the bridge was passable on the middle lanes, but he wanted that reserved for traffic for local businesses in the strip of Roosevelt between Desplaines Ave. and First Ave.

Extra Forest Park garbage pickup begins Monday, Dumpster at 600 block of Elgin

Forest Parkers with flood-damaged items, or anything else that needs to be removed, can place it in alleys for extra garbage pickup next week, said Village Administrator Tim Gillian. 

"We sent out a [telephone call] on our Code Red system last night and told people they can put anything they want in the alley. If the garbage people don't pick it up, Public Works will," Gillian said Saturday morning.

A village Dumpster has been placed in the 600 block of Elgin for residents to get rid of flood-damaged items, Gillian said. "We got phone calls that block was hit hard," he said. He added that the village will bring a Dumpster to other blocks if residents call Public Works 708-366-4876.

"We will make available a Dumpster any place in town where people need one," Gillian said. "They can throw out whatever they want and we'll take care of it whether it's flood damaged or not."

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