In transformational times, it is good to have a plan. The Forest Park Public Library has a plan, a strategic plan, and it is gratifying to watch it being put into action.

As information has gone digital, as books themselves have shifted toward electronic formats, some have questioned the value and purpose of bricks and mortar libraries. We’d argue that with the changes underway at the Forest Park library, that it has never been as vital a community resource as it is in 2013. Pluck a book out of the stacks or download it, what matters is the library’s role at the center of defining needs in the village.

Already one can see the growing vibrancy of the library’s efforts to welcome and guide students from grade school through high school. Ninety-plus students arrive at the library after school for homework club. Teens and tweens have been given space in the library for their own activities. A whole, intriguing range of programs for all ages have been added as the library seeks to become a destination.

There is more to be done. But our library is on the path to greater things.