Courtesy Mack Communications

The Proviso Township Mental Health Commission today announced that some chronically ill, homebound patients can have prescriptions delivered directly to their home, saving important time and energy. The service is the result of a new partnership between the Mental Health Commission and American Service and Product, Inc. (ASAP), an Illinois based pharmacy. ASAP will also conduct well-being checks on clients and assist with obtaining financial assistance for prescription bills.

“The Proviso Township Mental Health Commission continues to expand its holistic approach to health and the ASAP program is another example of just that,” Commission Executive Director Jesse D. Rosas said.

The ASAP Pharmacy works with individuals with chronic illnesses like hemophilia, diabetes, cancer and Crohn’s disease. The company employs fully licensed pharmacists and patient care advocates who work one-on-one with clients. There are no contracts and individuals are free to opt out at any time. The pharmacy accepts Medicare and Medicaid and private insurance.

According to ASAP owners Hans and Nancy Kuhn, “We believe a pharmacy has the responsibility and the resources to go beyond dispensing medication. At ASAP Pharmacy, we are trying to be an example of what health care can really mean.”

Patient care advocates establish personal relationships with clients and work with them to set up a schedule for deliveries. Beyond home delivery, patient care advocates also conduct well-being checks, provide assistance with insurance and financial help, patient advocacy and other personalized support. The company donates a percentage of profits to organizations that serve families with social, economic or spiritual needs.

“I think some people who are struggling with trips to the pharmacy or who may not have a support network will be relieved to know they have somewhere to turn,” said Rosas. “We encourage those folks to contact the commission to learn more about this service for the chronically ill.”