Courtesy Maryellen Bilek

Participants in West Suburban Special Recreation Association (WSSRA) programs and their families are expected to fill the local pool at a private pool party at the Park District of Forest Park Aquatic Center on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 from 8:15pm until 10:00pm. The pool is located at 7501 Harrison Street in Forest Park.

“The Park District of Forest Park has generously donated pool time to WSSRA to help the Association celebrate summer. We encourage our families to visit this accessible pool for an evening of just plain fun.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to enjoy an outing to a public pool when a child or adult needs extra help to be successful in the water. The WSSRA private pool party allows our families to play in the water together without feeling vulnerable to the stress of a crowded situation. Families with a member who is wheelchair mobile will especially enjoy the zero depth pool for the ease of getting in and out of the water. A water wheelchair is also available for use,” said Marianne Birko, WSSRA Executive Director.

“WSSRA will announce and award a trophy at the pool party to the winning bar in the annual WSSRA Fun in the Sun contest, too. As a way of giving the winning Fun in the Sun donor recognition, we present the trophy at this event so they can be congratulated and thanked by our Board and families we serve,” Birko continued.

The WSSRA Board of Directors will have their public July Board meeting prior to the pool party at 7:00pm at the Park District of Forest Park Administrative office, 7501 Harrison Street, Forest Park.

The Park Districts of Forest Park, Oak Park and River Forest participate in the WSSRA cooperative. WSSRA provides community-based therapeutic recreation for their residents of all ages and disability groups. Call WSSRA at 847/455-2100 for more information or visit