Recently I interviewed a hospice chaplain named Bonney Rega who has written a book entitled Everyday Miracles, Tales of Life Beyond.  In the book she tells story after story about people who have died communicating from the “other side” with those who are still living on this side of eternity.

As I told my friends about the interview, I was surprised at how many different ideas/pictures/assumptions they had about what was going to happen to them after they die.  That got me wondering about what readers think will happen to them when they die.  Will there be a judgment?  Does everyone, good or bad, live on in some form?  Is there a heaven?  A Nirvanna?

So here are two questions I invite you to answer by emailing me at

  1. What do you think will happen to you when you die?
  2. Where did you get your information/idea/ image from—parents, scriptures, intuition, TV, novels, the culture in general?

If you respond, would you let me know if you’d be willing to go a little deeper into the subject by responding to a few more questions.