You have to wonder what the consultants of Images Inc. think of the bickering and sniping between and among Forest Park’s elected officials. From their first presentation to win the contract with the Village of Forest Park, they were quizzed about how they could avoid giving too much credence to the group Mayor Anthony Calderone called the “vocal minority.”

Director Carrie Hansen insists the consulting firm is welcoming of every candid opinion on the future of Forest Park. She also knows there are HUD-mandated benchmarks that require measurable indicators of public input.

But there seems to be a disappointing lag in updating the website. Key-person interviews were conducted in May and there is no report yet as of this week. There was no mention on the website of the July 9 Steering Committee kickoff meeting.

We’d like to see more sharing of ideas from our citizens. The more responsive the website is, the more local excitement and engagement will grow.

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