The walls at the Roos building are tumbling down and not a moment too soon. When this building is flattened, we will all look back with gratitude that over its final undignified five years. No one died in this wreck. No roaming teen fell through a hole in the roof. No homeless squatter was done in by a wall collapsing.

Now the park district is regrouping and will be re-asking the community what they want to see in this splendid addition to the park. As residents speak up we’d urge one thought:

Think big.

Adopt the same mindset that made our aquatic center the best in the region.

This is the once-in-a-generation chance for Forest Park to reimagine its prime park. What do we want to see in a new building? What do we want to see in the expansive outdoor space?

Time to speak up.

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