I’ve been with many people as they pass on…..both my parents and numerous folks in a nursing home I worked in.  Without exception, those who were still conscious (several were in comas or otherwise unconscious) went in a state of seeming serenity, in peace.  All reached their arms out in front of them as if to embrace another person and moved their heads slowly from side to side as if seeing those who had passed before them were present on “the other side”…..a gathering of sorts, I guess and that comforts me in my feelings that there is a “something” beyond death…..a continuation of existence that eludes the living.  My own personal take is that every Soul that ever lived is out in the Universe and that when we die, we join the multitudes somehow as beacons of light, guardian Angels to guide the living. I’m sure there are those who are operating in the darkside and may negatively attempt to influence the weaker amongst us. So, good vs evil exists even in the Afterlife in Eternity as well as on Earth. I’ve not experienced being contacted by a passed-on person that I’m consciously aware of but I have felt the veiled presence of a deceased…..an odd feeling of not being alone but not visible or audible….”just there”, if you will. Having moved to Vermont 2 years ago and living in the woods, I am closer to Nature than ever before and that has served t strengthen my connectedness to the Universe. We are NOT alone and that too is comforting to me. I know little of Religion nor the Bible but I am blessed with an abundance of Faith. I have also witnessed families actually shaking and straddling a person who is on their final journey….begging them to not go.  Their grief, guilt, love or whatever disturbs the dying’s Soul from moving onward and that is sad.  Of course, sometimes a death is tragic, untimely, a crime and that is cause for overwhelming sorrow but in the end, we all die and it should be in as peaceful a setting as is possible. Death is part of life and should be celebrated as such~