To All who Keep What I Consider the Heart of Forest Park Beating:

I have lived in this town for over 68 years and I am proud of our town for many reasons. However, I think it’s time to give credit for those folks who keep the village heart beating.

Under our current mayor, Mr. Calderone, I have seen so many wonderful things happen. As a matter of fact, his leadership in the village, along with Karen [Dylewski] and the folks who run the Howard Mohr Community Center keep the heart beating and seldom get credit.

Wake up Forest Park citizens and give credit, where it is long overdue. The heart of Forest Park beats strongly at the community center, because our mayor works so well with the employees at the center and Karen and her crew do the overwhelming tasks that keep what I think is the “heart” of our village beating.

Thank you Mr. Mayor, Karen and the folks who run the center.

Patrick A. Oberg, Jr.
Just an average resident

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