Afterlife discussion is deeply appreciated

It is with great astonishment — grateful and happy astonishment, that is — that I am reading these thought-provoking articles/opinions on death, dying and the afterlife in your weekly publication. I’ve heard it said there may be some readers who might be confused as to whether they are reading the Journal or the Catholic New World.

It not only does not rankle me in the least, I am totally relishing these reads, immensely.

Your insightful writings in both the Aug. 14 and Aug 21 Viewpoints [Ken Trainor] are simply outstanding. Mr. Paul Moroney’s response in Viewpoints [Afterthoughts on the afterlife, Aug. 21] is so spot-on and so refreshing, I wanted to cheer out loud!

There seems to be, as I see it, such a disconnect in the world today, as well as in all of historical times, between everyday living and the reality of our eternal demise. The fact that you guys have the “balls” (thank you, Mr. Moroney) to address this theological issue in a secular forum such as the Journal is so poignant, and so satisfying.

As to Mr. Moroney’s concern about “eternal retribution,” I’ve written a script (novel, novelette, etc.) on that subject, non- published. I do have some strong opinions on that matter.

Many thanks.

Tom Dwyer

Oak Park