We’re up to three. That’s three potential Democratic primary contenders for the Cook County board seat currently held – loosely held, ineffectually held – by Earlean Collins. That’s a good start in the necessary effort to either convince Ms. Collins it is now time to retire gracefully and begin to collect all of her lovely government issue pensions or it is time to clearly defeat her and her poor representation of our communities on the county board.

Honestly for a long while it didn’t much matter that Collins was our county representative. The entire county board was filled with machine placeholders and political hacks looking for that third pension. But in the era of President Toni Preckwinkle, progress is finally being made in leading this behemoth of a taxing body forward and we want the near west suburbs and the West Side of the city to offer a contributing, progressive voice to the overdue reforms.

Despite her protestations, Collins has never been that and so it is time for her to go.

Now, as politicking begins for the early 2014 Democratic primary, we already have three possible contenders. Two are from the city. Blake Sercye is a young lawyer from Austin. Richard Boykin is a west sider with ties to Congressman Danny Davis. And Rory Hoskins is Forest Park’s very own commissioner and clearly a person in search of a higher office.

In an organizational and financial mismatch last year, Hoskins came very close to knocking off Chris Welch for the 7th District State Rep. seat. It reflects a grassroots talent that Hoskins will bring to this race, if he chooses to make it.

Clearly it is far too early to endorse in this race and despite The Review’s past support for Hoskins, we are eager to get to know the other potential candidates in this race. Our main point is to urge Earlean Collins toward retirement.