A IS FOR APPLE: Parent volunteer Jill Wagner works with first graders in an apple-themed day at Betsy Ross School Sept. 18. (courtesy of Peggy Perry)

First Grade at Betsy Ross School celebrated the end of their first multidisciplinary unit on apples with their annual Apple Day Sept. 18. Throughout the afternoon, the first graders worked in groups to cycle through a variety of stations, run by parent volunteers, that presented tasks based on the different learning goals they have had thus far in first grade.

Stations included graphing tasks, counting, comparing and contrasting, as well as apple stamping, allowing the students to create an artifact showing the interior structure of the apple. The students, parents, and teachers always enjoy this day.

“It is a great culminating activity to their first unit, as well as a wonderful way to get parents involved and present at school,” said Betsy Ross teacher Abigail Hibbits.

-contributed by Abigail Hibbits