Let’s give the Tricoci family some peace and quiet. Here’s your new chew toy, Observer, so you can share your deep thoughts. (God, he’s crazier than Sentry.) 

And can i make a suggestion to all others? Please, find a unique nym you like and stick w/it: it makes our conversations evermore useful and sensible. Thx in advance.

EDIT/ADDITION: Below is a 2009 post from Watcher at FPForums. It was bumped over there today and i have copy/pasted here, to put some history/context into the discussion. The great thing about FPF is you can search (and find!) details of discussions and who said what. A treaure, I tells ya’.

“For those who think there’s this sinister cabal behind the curtain, this is pretty much it. The forums have evolved to what’s here now from a guestbook on the original ForestPark.com and an email list serve started ~1998. There have been several forums before this and each had its pros and cons. For the most part, updating and/or upgrading the platform meant jettisoning the membership and data. 

There may be better forum software today, but changing platforms would mean starting over again from scratch. Not to mention the time and $$$, the inevitable “bugs” that would have to be hammered out of the new or the loss of over 47,000 posts in 2,400 topics. As witnessed today, any efforts to cull, winnow or otherwise attempt to bring what might pass for order to the circus cause almost instant rumblings along the webstrings that hold this place together. 

Some would say “no great loss” to just wiping out the past and starting fresh. It’s just a bunch of crybaby whiners. 

And they have every right to say that. But I will say that this place has been pretty consistent WYSIWYG and the only deliberate administrating has been occasional emptying of the litterboxes and consistent removal of seriously demented/disturbed/empty postings and their authors. 

Certain members frequently bash the regulars as providing nothing to and for the community. They likely say the same things about the FoPa Review out in the meat-world. To paraphrase George Bailey; “This town needs these measly, one-horse institutions if only to have someplace where people can come without crawling to MATC.” 

Constructive suggestions for improvements are always welcomed. We’ve learned a lot from past mistakes and know there’s always more to learn. 
This is neither a place for children nor for alleged grown-ups who just want to act like a child. 

At it’s best it’s an informal gathering of viewpoints around which people can agree or agree to disagree. 

MATC withdrew from regular participation here under the pretense that it was just talk and he’s a man of actions. The truth is that he couldn’t sell his s**t here, so he quit. All of his justifications are lame excuses for his inability to move his product HONESTLY. He left after Admin mistakenly gave in and gave MATC access to the database. He trashed the place, and has kept verbally trashing it ever since. 

Thankfully, there are backups copies of the earlier pre-purge forums. So far, there hasn’t been reason to go through the hassle of restoring them. But it was on the record here then and remains part of the record despite the deletions. 

This long-winded monologue has no present purpose, it’s just a capsule of events and evolution. YMMV.”

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