It is small town government in action. A problem. A petition. Soon a forum. And then, we hope, a resolution.

At issue this fall as schools reopen is a strong concern from an organized group of neighbors on the 500 block of Hannah Avenue about the safety of little kids attending Garfield School. The worry is that cars are travelling far too fast on this side street at the same time that preschool through second graders are being dropped for school.

The neighbors are asking that the village consider a range of responses from new signage – “School Speed Zone 20 MPH” – to speed bumps to making the street one-way during school hours.

The petition was addressed to the village board at the close of August. Mayor Anthony Calderone responded empathetically on Sept. 10 and on Monday night the village council sent the issue to the Safety and Traffic Commission for its review. And, in fact, after remarks by Commissioner Rory Hoskins, about the so-called “Beloit Speedway” near Field-Stevenson/Forest Park Middle School, the village asked the committee to take a look at traffic near all five Forest Park schools.

We’ve all been the distracted driver passing too quickly through a school zone. Now Forest Park signs tell us using a cell phone is prohibited in a school zone. This is a good step that will heighten parent awareness and keep our kids safer. We hope and expect that the Safety and Traffic Commission will report back quickly to the village council with immediate fixes.

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