With a CTA train accident in Forest Park Monday, once again the downside of living in Chicago’s transportation central nexus came home for Forest Park first-responders —our police, fire and ambulance departments.

Two weeks after a drunk driver caused a fatal accident by exiting onto the I-290 expressway going the wrong way, Forest Park emergency personnel were once more on-call to take care of a significant transportation-related emergency.

And once again, responders deserve our respect for getting the job done with no nonsense. Police and fire personnel took care of injured passengers, and coordinated ambulances from neighboring communities to get 33 injured people to nine different hospitals.

Forest Park Village Administrator Tim Gillian and Mayor Anthony Calderone were hands-on during the crisis, helping to direct traffic and answering questions.

As of Tuesday at press time, the National Traffic Safety Board is close-lipped about how a so-called driverless “ghost train” turned on its engine during the morning rush hour and maneuvered out of the Forest Park train yard, picking up speed and then striking a stationary train filled with passengers at the Harlem Avenue Blue Line station at 7:40 a.m.

We’ll continue to cover the investigation as it carries on, but now there are more questions than answers from the CTA.

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