Didn’t take long for the village’s Traffic and Safety Commission to come back to the village with thoughtful plans to boost safety measures at and around Garfield School. Neighbors along Hannah Avenue near the school worried about traffic, speed, drop-offs and pick-ups all at a school filled with our youngest students.

In recommendations due to go to the council after our press time, the commission urged that Hannah become a one-way street during school hours – 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., that sawhorses be used daily at the Jackson Boulevard intersection, that new signage be added, and parent and bus drop-off zones keep children on the school side of traffic.

Additionally, the commission has asked public works staffers to inventory and report back on all safety related signage adjacent to other local schools. District 91 was asked to revisit drop-off patterns at each school.

What impresses us is the responsiveness shown by all involved. Start with activist neighbors, a prompt referral from the mayor to the commission and now a timely commission response and quick execution by the village government and the schools. This is good local government at work.