Getting in front of a crisis is one of the dictums of modern public relations. Someone should mail that notice to the postmaster of Oak Park. We’ll see if she ever receives the envelope.

A month ago, when Forest Park and the other communities served by the Oak Park South station first went into the extreme deep freeze, complaining about horrible or non-existent mail delivery was the only thing that got villagers hot. The response from the postmaster was that her crew did its best, that many carriers called in sick or took days off. Give us a day or two and we’ll catch up. That was the company line.

Weeks later, the comments at were still laced with anger over mail delivery that had slowed to a couple of times per week and with the message, particularly from South Oak Park, that mail delivery had been sporadic for months — long, long before the weather turned to winter. 

Then there were anecdotal reports out of the post office of a raft of recent retirements and that new recruits were on the way. We’re doubtful.

Next week, local village presidents, mayors and Congressman Danny Davis will meet with postal officials and the public. We hope to hear a straight explanation of this mess. We’ll understand if the answer is the postal service’s grave budget woes and the declining revenues tied to first class mail. Then tell us what expectations will be fair going forward. Simple honesty always sells best.

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