It’s spring. Almost. And restaurateurs’ and barkeeps’ hearts turn to thoughts of crocuses, the first robin and “How can I jam more people into this establishment for St. Patty’s Parade Day!” or for “4th of July Week” or for “Just Really Want to Sell More Beer and Grub Week.”

One option that Forest Park opened to its credit – and at its peril – was allowing eateries to tent over village parking lots for a short time for a lucrative party. Happened last year at Piggyback at Circle off Madison. As it does every year, an application has come forward from a bar for a St. Patrick’s Parade Day tent.

But here’s the flap: A year ago, Mayor Anthony Calderone urged the council to adopt some set of standards for granting tenting privileges and then to turn those standards into an ordinance.

Sounds right, though the village attorney warned against it last year on the grounds that each application was likely to be so different – timing, location, size, impact on residential neighbors, non-profit alliances.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.