We believe that in time, when the membership of the U.S. Supreme Court inevitably shifts, there will be a constitutional interpretation of the Second Amendment that allows prudent safeguards on gun ownership in America.

Until then however, Illinois now has a poorly written but court mandated concealed carry law. It is left to all of us as citizens and business owners to make choices about how welcoming we are to those carrying a concealed handgun. 

The Chamber of Commerce and the Forest Park police department held a useful session last month. Police officials outlined what the current law says about where guns are prohibited under the law – libraries, schools, parks, government buildings – and what decisions business owners are allowed to make to either ban or welcome customers with concealed guns.

It comes down to the small adhesive window signs. Some businesses we interviewed said they had already decided to post signs. A few said they were open to customers bringing guns into their businesses.

This is just the reality we face at the moment. Thanks to the chamber and local police for setting out the options.

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