Enrollment is tumbling. Buildings are crumbling. A massive bond issue is pending. The longtime president is retiring. 

What, oh what, is the Triton College board to do? Hand out massive pay raises to a long list of administrators, that’s what.

Massive as in 13 percent to 27 percent hikes given to everyone from President Patricia Granados (27 percent) to various VPs and associate VPs. Granados is leaving the college by December (except for her already planned paid consulting gig with the school) and so won’t collect the full $312,000 the position now pays. The boost will jack her pension for decades to come and it will, therefore, jack the penalty that Triton will now have to pay into the State University Retirement System for actively, aggressively, nose-thumbingly breaking the so-called “six percent penalty” rule imposed to keep school boards from doing exactly this with taxpayers money. What will the next president earn?

The governance of Triton College under kingmaker Mark Stephens is typically insulting. But this is one for the record books.

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