On Friday, May 2, the Forest Park Middle School eighth-grade class met in the cafetorium for a very special presentation. Students have been studying the Holocaust for the last month in reading and language arts classes. Earlier in April, to begin their studies the students went to the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie. There they heard from Mr. George Levy Mueller for the first time. Mr. Levy Mueller agreed to come to the middle school to share a more detailed account of his story of survival.

 Born George Levy in Ingolstadt, Germany in 1930, he witnessed the entire rise and fall of the Third Reich. His father died early under Nazi oppression after suffering imprisonment in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. His mother, realizing that the situation in Germany was worsening, sent George and his younger sister Ursula to Holland for their safety. It was the last time he saw his mother. Safety in Holland was short-lived and he and his sister were sent to a series of camps over the next three years. From Vught to Westerbork to Bergen-Belsen to a transport train away from the camp three days before the camp was liberated. Liberated by the Russians near Trobitz, George and his sister eventually came to Chicago under the guardianship of his uncle.

For years after the war, Mr. Mueller states that he kept his war time experience to himself. Not even his five children knew. After a long period of reflection he wrote a book called Lucie’s Hope, in honor of his mother and to share his experiences.