No drunk drivers were nabbed at an early-morning July 4 police checkpoint on Harlem Avenue, Forest Park police said, but they did write two local ordinances for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia. 

Police stopped 162 vehicles between midnight and 2:56 a.m. in the 900 block of Harlem Avenue. Traditionally, police officers divert cars according to a pattern, such as one out of every five vehicles.

The purpose of the roadside safety check is ostensibly to “take dangerous DUI offenders off the street,” according to a press release issued by the department. 

Police did issue one ticket for illegal transportation of alcohol. 

They also issued three tickets for driving with license suspended, one ticket for a revoked license and three for invalid licenses. Eight tickets were issued for no proof of insurance. Three cars had invalid registration and two had burned out lighting.

 All told, 22 drivers, or about 13.5 percent of the motorists stopped, were issued citations.