The United States economy now shows signs it is improving and UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago is growing too. A year after the merger between Seguin Services and UCP of Greater Chicago, UCP Seguin has been able to expand and offer individuals with disabilities community-based homes, employment services, life-skills training, and multiple other essential programs. To deliver these expanded services UCP Seguin has had to create new positions and hire qualified applicants at a significant pace.

As John Voit, UCP Seguin President and CEO, explains, “Our merger has provided us with increased capacity to address critical community need. UCP Seguin can serve in a key role in reducing the number of people with developmental disabilities, now estimated at more than 20,000, on the waiting list for services in the state of Illinois.” A by-product of this expansion, Voit states, is that UCP Seguin “has a major need to identify capable individuals to fill our most important responsibility: providing high-quality services and supports to persons with disabilities in all aspects of their lives.” At the same time, Voit says, “UCP Seguin can serve as an economic engine for our community, offering opportunities for gainful jobs for the unemployed and underemployed.”

UCP Seguin has utilized several means to promote available positions, from job ads to internet listings, from social media postings to making the job application available to complete at its website. In addition UCP Seguin has started to conduct job fairs every other month. On Tuesday, August 19, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., UCP Seguin will host a job fair at their office located at 3100 S. Central Avenue in Cicero. Anyone with a high school diploma or GED, a driver’s license and current insurance is welcome to attend the fair and apply to work. Individuals will be able to learn about the variety of job openings and will also be interviewed at the site. UCP Seguin touts many benefits for its employees, such as tuition reimbursement programs, opportunities for advancement, in-house training programs as well as “the benefit of knowing you are making an important difference in the lives of people with disabilities and bettering the community around you.”

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UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit human services agency dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities. Providing programs and services from birth to old age, UCP Seguin helps children and adults with disabilities achieve their potential, advance their independence and act as vital members of the community. Its programs include innovative training and education, family support, employment and life-skills training, and residential services.