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Good urban gardeners can grow just about anything, anywhere, almost any way one can imagine if their soil is healthy, they have enough sun, and the weather conditions are right.

So, veggies, herbs and fruits can be cultivated — especially in an urban setting — — in the earth;  out of a raised bed, as well as almost any shape and sized new or repurposed growing container, and even hydroponically in nutrient-rich water.  Some urban farmers go with hugoculture, which is creating a self-composting mound in which to cultivate edibles. 

Okay, listen up:  especially for us gardeners who live in tight spaces, homegrown fruits, herbs and veggies can be grown up a purchased, or homemade trellis, on a large chain link fence, or decoratively on any number of DIY dual-purpose creations, such as the cucumber teepee/reading nook I saw on this year’s Sugar Beet Edible Garden tour 2014

We visited five out of the twelve sites, so here’s a taste of local gardeners who are employing everything from bees to chickens to the art and science of hugoculture to help their veggies grow.