As most of you know, I write a lot on religion for the Review and the Wednesday Journal, and over the years I’ve interviewed everything from a minister of a church who is an atheist to a rabbi who keeps all 613 laws in the Torah.  The problem with those interviews is that they are usually with just one person or a small group, and I’d like to get a sense of what a bigger sample of folks believe. 

Simply write the number of the statement or question and then the letter of the response that best fits with where you are.  I’ll analyze the responses and let you know the results in my column next week.

You don’t have to include your name but indicating which village you live in would be helpful.

  1. How do you know if a person is saved, i.e. going to heaven?    

    a. if he/she accepted Christ as Savior in a religious experience

    b. if he/she is a good person

    c.  if he/she has faith

            d. We can never know about that sort of thing

            e.  _____________________________

2. Which is more true about humans?

            a. People are basically fallen

            b. People are basically good

            c. _____________________

3. To make the world a better place, you have to

            a. change individuals           

            b. change the system

           c.  _______________

4. Which is true of you:

            a. interpret experience through the lens of the Bible

            b. interpret the Bible through the lens of experience

            c. ___________________________

5. The universe was created

           a. in six days

           b.over millions of years

           c. ___________________

6. The Bible is

            a. literally God’s word

            b. mixture of inspired an uninspired writings

             c. __________________________

7. Human nature

            a. will always be the same      

            b. is evolving, i.e. getting better and better

            c. ________________________

8. What it means to be in a right relationship with God is best portrayed in

            a.  the Parable of the Prodigal Son

            b. the Parable of the Good Samaritan

            c. __________________________

9. When was/is/will God most clearly revealed?

           a. in the past

           b. n the present

           c. in the future

            d. ______________________

10. I tend towards being

            a. pro-life

            b. pro-choice

            c. ___________

11. Is it OK with God for gays and lesbians to marry and raise children?

             a. No

             b. Yes

             c. ____________

12. When it comes to discovering who God is and what God wants, I trust

             a. my own reason and intuition

             b. revelation in a Scripture

             c. ____________________

13. When God speaks to me it is usually

             a. through some authority like the Bible or a clergy

             b. directly to me without a mediator

             c. _______________________

14. I tend towards being a

            a. conservative

            b. liberal

            c. ______________________


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