Failure to post the Forest Park Zoning Board of Appeals agenda 48 hours before Monday’s scheduled meeting resulted in that meeting being cancelled, Clerk Vanessa Moritz said.

“You want a printable comment or how I really feel?” asked medical cannabis dispensary hopeful Linda Cibula, who had been preparing a presentation for the meeting.

Three potential medical cannabis dispensary candidates were planning to attend the meeting Monday.

Cibula and an unnamed company represented by Tanya Griffin have spoken at past Forest Park Village Council meetings urging the village to approve zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The state of Illinois will be accepting applications for dispensaries, Sept. 8-22, Cibula said.

“We are scrambling to get our ducks in a row,” Cibula added, noting that she has already spent $100,000 and offered to hire 15 Forest Park residents at the site of Kevil’s restaurant, 7228 Circle Ave. Griffin’s proposed site is the former Deal$ at 7709 Roosevelt Road. The third site was not identified.

The process for the zoning board must begin again, with a notice published in the Forest Park Review legal ads two weeks before the ZBA can meet, said Village Clerk Vanessa Moritz.

Cibula said she hoped the village council would make a determination before Sept. 8.


Brew Pub zoning also affected

Owners of Exit Strategy Brewing Company also had to adjust their schedules to deal with the cancellation of the zoning board meeting.

The company had been urging Facebook followers to attend the meeting to show support for the proposed brew pub at the former Classic Electric Supply Inc. building, 7700 Madison St.

“[The cancellation of the meeting] is actually not a big deal with where we’re at right now,” posted Katherine Valleau. “It’s being pushed back a couple weeks, but we are hopeful to get fast approval! Thanks friends!” she posted.

This story has been updated to correct Katherine Valleau’s name.


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