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Everyone, try faux bacon. No. This will not turn in to a rant (…I don’t think). No. I am not trying to make you feel bad about eating animals. I am saying, as a former meat-eater-turned vegetarian, that trying a slice of Fakin’ Bacon would be good for your health, the environment and your taste buds.

“But, wait. Will this stuff even taste like bacon?”

To that, my meat-eating friend, I will say not really. Not at all, actually.

The seasonings on faux bacon may be similar, the color maybe comparable, there might even be a slight crunch — although the compressed soy product that is tempeh or seitan is rather thick and often the texture of deli meat — it will not taste the same.

Is anyone ever fooled by pseudo-meats?

I can say, though, that you will be delighted by health benefits: less fat and sodium and no cholesterol.


Here are some brands to try at home:

  • Morning Star Veggie Bacon Strips

  • Uptown Naturals Bacon Seitan

  • Lightlife Organic Smoky Tempeh

If you are around town and interested in indulging in this vegan delight, stop by Munch, 104 Marion St. The vegan/vegetarian restaurant serves a BLT (you could also add guacamole) that will have you asking for more. It’s a $10 lunch item that is 100 percent worth it.

And I know this section is not about sausages. But if you want a substitute for that pork link sizzling in your pan in the morning then try Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage.



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