Property owners of Proviso Township are invited to a Property Valuation Appeal Forum on Wednesday, Oct. 8, hosted by my office and Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone at the Howard Mohr Community Center located at 7640 Jackson Blvd at 6:30 p.m. This forum provides property owners with the opportunity to preregister their property valuation appeal with the Board of Review prior to Proviso Township official appeal opening. 

Today, there is a vigorous economic recovery happening, creating more opportunities for job growth and strengthening communities across Cook County. Although our recovery is strong there are still many families facing foreclosure, unemployment and underemployment. For many of these families, the arrival of their property tax bill, which is partly based on property value, is often too much to bear. Simply stated, many properties are not the same value they were over the past decade, and a high assessed value is not reasonable in today’s housing market. 

Each year, property owners have the right to appeal their property valuation assessment with the Cook County Board of Review. Upon receiving an appeal request, the Board of Review conducts a valuation of the property to ensure property owners are not paying more than their share of taxes. 

Property valuation appeals are not limited to single-family homes or residential properties, but all properties in Cook County. While the Board of Review does not assess property, set tax rates, or collect taxes, we handle about 400,000 property valuation appeals each year and there is no fee to file an appeal, and in most cases an attorney is not necessary. To learn more about the Board of Review, please visit 

In each year as Commissioner, I have seen families become unburdened due to a reduction in their assessed valuation as a result of filing an appeal. If my office can bring help to Cook County families during these hard times, we will not hesitate in doing so.

 Larry R. Rogers, Jr., Commissioner

Cook County Board of Review 


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