The Proviso Township Mental Health Commission (PTMHC) today announced a partnership with All Kids Dental & Orthodontics in Melrose Park to provide dental services to children through age 21 in Proviso Township.  All insurance plans and Medicaid are accepted.
“People may not know that with Medicaid in Illinois, their children are eligible for dental coverage,” said Jesse D. Rosas, Executive Director of the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission.  “We want to provide a holistic approach to health care, and dental is a big part of that.”
This is the first time PTMHC is providing care coordination services for dental care as a prevention means to avoid future behavioral issues brought on by pain and discomfort that can lead to problematic behaviors.  Care coordination is managing all of a client’s health care needs under one roof, PTMHC’s mission.  Clients who need a variety of services, especially mental health services, can come to PTMHC for help.
“All Kids Dental provides bilingual dental services for the entire family including specialists in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery,” Dr Scott Goldman, of All Kids Dental & Orthodontics, said.
It’s never too soon to start dental care.  Forty-four percent of all U.S. children will have at least one cavity by kindergarten.  
Procedures offered include complete care for all ages, crowns, deep cleanings, emergency care, extractions (including wisdom teeth), fillings, orthodontics/braces, pulpotomies and root canals.  General anesthesia and nitrous oxide are available.
All Kids Dental & Orthodontics will be reserving time for patients referred by PTMHC.  
Proviso residents who are interested in making an appointment should call PTMHC at 708-449-5508.