Dawn Ferencak

Dawn Ferencak helps her clients grow business beyond their expectations by truly understanding their needs. She knows how important it is to learn their background; why they started their business; what their goals are; what their challenges are; and what drives them to succeed. This uniquely personal approach builds strong bonds of trust. Her clients know that she always has their best interests in mind and as a result they truly consider her a partner with them in their success. Dawn says that she believes in bringing the best skills, research and products to the table every time she has a chance to help a client. 

Through her community outreach, Dawn saw the need to offer more support to the West Side community. In 2011, she successfully advocated for this and the Austin Weekly News expanded its coverage to include the entire West Side of Chicago.

In 2012 Dawn founded the West Side Business Network and its subgroups, including the Austin Weekly News Business Development Luncheon Group, West Side Women, West Side Men and West Side Bridge, all with the goal of bringing professionals from Chicago’s West Side together with those from Oak Park and nearby suburbs to network, grow and discuss challenges. With anywhere from 35 to 100 attendees per meeting, Dawn has successfully sewn another thread across the communities she dearly loves.

Dawn was named Illinois Press Association Sales Representative of the Year in 2011 and 2013.  In March 2014, she was named Associate Publisher of the Austin Weekly News.  In July 2014, she became the Sales Manager for Wednesday Journal Publications.  She is co-founder of the Austin Weekly News Foundation for Community Organizing and Journalism with Wednesday Journal’s publisher, Dan Haley.  Dawn is excited about the future and looks forward to helping her clients and the community-at-large continue to tell their unique stories across many platforms.