Deb Sloan

Deb Sloan began party planning at age 17 when she orchestrated a theme event on a whim. The Western themed party was complete with homemade bandanas, hats and “Most Wanted” posters made from paper bags. It even included a sandbox for guests to pan for gold nuggets, made from spray painted dry dog food, and trade them for food and beverages at the cardboard saloon.

Years later and with much experience organizing and running celebrations of all types she began to focus on creating and specializing in all types of larger celebrations and events. 

In recent years Deb Sloan has developed and coordinated numerous annual village wide events including The Haunted Hallways and Trick or Treat event in Scoville Square, Santa arrival and Magical Tree lighting, Santa Saturdays, The Bunny Bop and Family puppets show, to name a few.  Ms. Sloan’s business offers event planning services for all types of celebrations from birthday parties to corporate events and promotions. She also specializes in decorating homes, offices and retailers no matter how small or large.

Ms. Sloan sees each day as an opportunity to create memories for guests with her event planning and decorating skills. The smiles on the faces of satisfied clients are the reason she loves her job so much.