A sign often sits outside a shop at 1010 South Blvd. in Downtown Oak Park, with an enticing offer: “Give your Computer a Spa Treatment.” Like the Tin Man in the Emerald City, you imagine your computer being oiled and polished, made shiny and good as new. The name of the shop is Every Last Byte and for just over a two years now, owner Adrianne Roach has been tuning, repairing, cleaning and upgrading computers making them hum again like the first day they came out of the box.

An Oak Park mom and network engineer, Adrianne opened Every Last Byte not just to provide computer repair and sales, but to do so with a personal touch. “My two passions are great computers and great customer service,” Adrianne says, “I don’t just clean viruses out of your computer, but I also help you understand how to prevent viruses in the future and what precautions you can take with children and teenagers in the house.” Adrianne is always happy to answer computer questions and offer advice. Are you thinking about buying a new computer, but don’t know which one to get? Do you need a laptop or a tablet? Adrianne can be the personal I.T. Department you always wanted.

If your once super-fast computer has now become slow as molasses, your email has disappeared, or your new software is impossible to use, Every Last Byte promises to make you “love your computer again.” In addition to repair, Adrianne offers wireless and wired networks, firewall set-up and assessment, server set-up and maintenance, password recovery, performance tuning, and computer recycling. Every Last Byte sells Dell PCs, and also creates custom computers to fit individual needs—and made with earth-friendly products. 

In addition, for the budding engineer in your family, Every Last Byte carries snap-circuit build-it-yourself robots. For the audiophile on your holiday list, check out the incredible Sonos wireless sound system.

“There is so much awesomeness contained in this small, cute computer shop,” gushed a recent customer, “It’s a woman-owned business with real people hours, and most importantly, great service.”

Every Last Byte is open Tuesday-Saturday from Noon-6:00 PM or by appointment. You can call them at 708-529-8870, or learn more online at everylastbyte.com