Joelle Venzera’s love of real estate began when she was still in high school, working part-time for a local real estate office on weekends and in the summer. After leaving for college and graduating with a Degree in Marketing, her career evolved into creating specialized computer programs for companies. Then she started her family and her focus changed again to raising her three children. 

All the while, Joelle never stopped loving real estate. She continued visiting open houses and watching the market. It was in the spring of 2013, that her perfect opportunity came along and she took the position of office manager at Beyond Properties Realty. Suddenly she was back in the thick of it, and she remembered how much she loved the energy and excitement of buying and selling real estate. It wasn’t long before she decided to get her Illinois Real Estate License and become a Broker.

Joelle is very excited to join the Erica Cuneen Team at Beyond Properties, where her primary responsibility will be assisting buyers in finding homes. Working with Erica, Joelle is confident that their team will have the perfect blend of experience and enthusiasm. Their clients will know that with the Erica Cuneen Team, they will have the advantage of multiple perspectives and the security of knowing that they are always covered. 

Whether it’s a forever home or a house to “fix and flip,” Joelle is there to help her buyers examine all the possibilities and find that “perfect fit.” Joelle can be reached at Beyond Properties Realty, 109 N. Marion St., Oak Park, 708.297.1879.