In real estate finding the best outcome for your client often begins by seeing hidden potential. Cynthia Howe Gajewski is a Realtor whose experience in home renovation and restoration makes her a valuable resource to homeowners and buyers. Also an accomplished photographer, Cynthia is a woman with vision who loves to find the opportunities in homes that others may have missed.

Cynthia traces her interest in real estate back to her childhood when she was fascinated by the grandeur of her grandparent’s Italianate Victorian farmhouse. “I admire the character and charm of older homes,” she says, “especially the variety of homes in our Oak Park and River Forest neighborhoods.” Cynthia particularly enjoys seeing older spaces reinvented to fit the needs of modern living.

Matchmaking buyers with the right property is a challenge that Cynthia relishes. “It is so satisfying to see that chemistry happen,” she says, “I tell my buyers that buying a home is an emotional experience with practical considerations. A house can have everything on your wish list, but if you don’t get that ‘yes’ feeling, then the list doesn’t matter. You can’t make yourself fall in love.”

Twenty years as a professional photographer gives Cynthia the added edge in presenting and marketing seller’s homes in today’s market. She is always ready to help sellers prepare, stage, and showcase their property to bring in the most buyers. “I absolutely love,” she says, “working with sellers who are motivated to get top dollar for their properties.” When sellers are willing to put in the extra bit of effort it can yield big returns. Cynthia will create for them a targeted room by room action plan that will show off the home’s fullest potential, with the goal of bringing in the highest offers.

Cynthia stresses that her personal experience with home ownership and renovation are among the most important assets that she brings to her clients. “I’ve been down that renovation road a few times,” she says, “I know my market, and I know what improvements and upgrades really matter.”

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, contact Cynthia Howe Gajewski at Beyond Properties Realty, 312-933-8440 or for a free consultation.