Patti Sprafka Wagner

Selling your home has never been more complicated. Today home-buyers can sit at their computers and take virtual tours of thousands of properties. If you are a seller, your challenge is getting your home noticed  amid the vast clutter of the internet. What will attract buyers to your home? How will they come to see your house as a place that they want to live? That is where an experienced Realtor comes in. 

Patti Sprafka Wagner is an Accredited Staging professional with over 20 years experience in selling real estate. Patti’s understanding of what today’s home buyer is looking for, helps her to advise her home seller-clients on how to prepare their property to maximize value and impact, “The most important part of the selling process happens before the house goes on the market,” Patti says, “Home sellers often underestimate what they have to do to prepare their property for sale. Staging the property can often be the difference between selling in 3 days or 3 months.”

To stay on top of the market, Patti regularly pursues professional development and continually studies market conditions. In addition to her Staging Designation, she is also a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. Larger, higher priced homes attract a unique home buyer. “The more expensive the home, the smaller the pool of potential buyers,” Patti says, “I work hard to make sure that the luxury homes I represent get the broadest exposure to the most qualified buyers.” 

Patti Sprafka Wagner offers her clients a full-service approach. She will help you get your house ready for viewing and then market it in the places that will attract the best possible buyers. From negotiating the contract to navigating the thorny maze of home inspections and quirky village regulations, Patti always strives to make the process, not only smooth for her clients, but pleasant. “Buying or selling a home is an exciting time,” she says, “my job is making sure  my clients can enjoy the process and be happy with the outcome.” 

If you are thinking of making a move, contact Patti Sprafka Wagner at 708-218-8102 or at You can also visit her website at or