Lydia Villanueva-Soto

Lydia I. Villanueva-Soto, president and owner of Tan Travel, has being in the travel industry for over twenty years. She has a passion for her clients that the internet or a computer cannot provide. She works with her clients’ needs, and is committed to providing lasting memories. Lydia works to build relationships with her customers, recognizing “they are the bread and butter of my business, and what drives me to work hard every day.”

The travel industry was at its peak before 9/11 and nowadays travel agencies are few and far between. With the rise of online booking engines, some folks have decided to go that route. But lately she’s noticed more and more people are coming back into the agency and asking for her personal opinion. The internet is great for research, but Lydia and her customers know that nothing beats face-to-face communication. Especially when planning something as important as your destination wedding or a dream vacation, you cannot always trust what a computer website might say or not say. 

“Owning a small business has had its ups and downs but I am grateful to our repeat clients and all of their referrals, Tan Travel is here because of that. Our love for the travel industry and the people we have met and continue to serve makes our desire to continue in this once dying industry even greater.”

Lydia has also recently expanded her family by adopting a beautiful baby girl named Isabella Grace. One of the interesting things about shopping local and keeping your business close to home is that you are also able to directly help families, such as Lydia’s. “My business helps me put food on the table for my family. By keeping your business local, you are keeping my small business and my family alive.”

When asked what the favorite part of her job is, Lydia says that number one has to be interacting with her clients—both old and new. She enjoys getting to know people and learning about them as individuals.  Known to her clients as the “Travel Therapist” she craves conversation and the feeling she gets when clients come back from a dream vacation with thanks and appreciation.  

Lydia I. Villanueva-Soto, CTC

President/Travel Consultant, TanTravel 

964 S. Oak Park Ave.

Oak Park, IL 60304

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