Christie Day-Gee

There are many reasons why people buy and sell property. For some it’s a first step towards financial independence. For others it’s new home for their family or business. Some people are upsizing, some downsizing and some are just looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Others are looking for good schools, a safe neighborhood and a community they can connect to. But no one is just looking to buy a house. They are looking for happiness, comfort and security. For Realtor Christie Day-Gee, broker and owner of Click Properties in Oak Park, understanding what your family needs to be happy is the real business of Real Estate.

“I consider myself to be a professional consultant,” Day-Gee says, “The sale of Real Estate in and of itself is secondary to my primary goal: to help my clients achieve their goals.” It is important, Day-Gee believes, to take her clients through a process of self discovery, to help them examine, prioritize and really understand their goals. “A professional consultant does not best serve you by telling you what you want to hear, they best serve you by telling you what you need to know” she says. 

A successful outcome comes only when you set out for the right destination, but sometimes it’s hard to envision what that really is. “Often clients come to me with a specific objective in mind,” she says, “yet, after engaging in the consultation process, we discover that what they really want is something else entirely.” 

Historically, the real estate industry has been driven by scarcity and control of information. People looking to buy or sell a home had little choice but to rely on a Real Estate agent for information. Today, however, it only takes a few key strokes to have access to almost as much information as a Realtor, a development that Day-Gee sees as a positive.  “I love it!” she insists. “By the time my clients come to me they have already explored their dreams, done their research and spent time becoming educated and informed. I love that they come to me not in spite of this but because of it.” These clients, according to Day-Gee, have come to realize that there’s a lot more to the process than data. All Real Estate-driven pursuits must involve detailed data-driven analysis, but Day-Gee believes that how her clients feel about the process is just as important. “There’s no reason or value in ‘going it alone’ when the analysis, guidance and comfort I provide my clients through consultation pays for itself by its value to them. The skills and knowledge I provide my clients helps them achieve their dreams and goals in a way that not only minimizes stress but fosters a sense of excitement about whatever future life they hope to transition to.”

Day-Gee attributes her passion for helping people find just the right home to her upbringing in Chicago. As a child, she and her single mother, a Chicago public school teacher, moved frequently, changing apartments almost every year. The dream of having a permanent home, so elusive to her as a child, became her career as an adult. “Everyone wants comfort and security. It is my passion to help my clients achieve those things.” 

“Christie really made a point of understanding our needs.” says Brian Dietmeyer, CEO at Think! Inc., and one of Day-Gee’s long-time clients. “Her insight and analytic skills have been of great value to us.” 

You can put Christie Day-Gee’s insight and skill to work for you. Her company, Click Properties can be found online at She can also be reached at 877-254-2530 or Click Properties is also a marketing affiliate with, an innovative real estate network.