Vicki May loves property! For years she would pass by houses, apartment buildings and storefronts, and think of ways to upgrade properties for appearance and function. It seemed only natural then that she would go into the real estate investment business. Twelve years and three apartment buildings later, Vicki joined Beyond Properties Realty as a property manager.

Since she already had her own money invested in residential property, Vicki approaches property management with a deep understanding of the demands required to properly manage repairs, maintenance and remodeling projects. Her own experience has helped her connect with her clients and understand their needs for effective and efficient property management. “My own investments,” she maintains, “have taught me the art of setting rents, managing costs, and getting higher yields. I understand the challenges of dealing with tenants.  If I can help a property owner be more profitable, that’s a good day’s work.” 

Vicki reports that right now the rental market is strong. People have lost their jobs and many have lost their homes. That leaves more people renting and more homes available to rent.  As the economy improves more families may choose to purchase instead of renting.  Yet, Vicki does not see home-ownership levels returning to where they were in the early 2000’s. “Over and over, former homeowners tell me that they are through with ownership,” she says, “I believe the market will stabilize at a more appropriate mix of buyers and renters.”

Vicki May really feels that she has found a home as a property manager at Beyond Properties. “My goal is to continue building my property management clientele,” she says, “I don’t ever want to stop making properties better and filling them with great tenants!”

If you’re thinking about going into residential investment, are looking for management of a property you currently own, or just need to get an apartment or home rented, contact Vicki at 708-714-0686 or