The kitchen is the center of the home, a touch point for sharing conversation and promoting family time. For kitchen designer, Pamela Polvere, a successful kitchen environment is one that draws in and engages the whole family. “My clients trust me to help create one of the most important spaces in their home,” she says, “and I love every minute of the process.”

For Polvere, the design process begins with listening. While all designers have their own aesthetic, sometimes it can be hard for them to separate their own design preferences from what the client wants. In her 25 plus years experience in the business, however, Polvere has learned that only by truly listening to her clients, can she understand what they want and provide them with the designs that exactly fit their needs and their preferences.

Here is what some of Polvere’s clients have had to say about their experience:

“You literally are a part of every day here at the Hopkinson house! I think of you every time I’m in my beautiful, hard-working kitchen — it’s really true!” – Deborah 

“Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance. Your involvement eased our stress during this significant remodel and resulted in an end product that far exceeded our expectations. We love you dearly!” 
– Lisa and Paul

Of all the many kitchens that she has created, Polvere, names her own mother’s kitchen as her most successful project. “She owns a bed and breakfast in Oak Park,” Polvere recounts, “and after a decade of being open, the kitchen needed a face-lift. I loved working with my mom and altering the kitchen that I grew up in. In this case the space was going to be so much more than a kitchen. It was the touch point of my mother’s business. People from all around the country would sit at the table and enjoy their coffee. Stories would be shared from all corners of life and I had the chance to create that environment.”

What kind of environment do you want to create for your own family? Pamela Polvere can help you get there. Pamela Polvere Designs is located at 7506 W Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park. Call her at 708-456-2066 or visit