If Good Shepherd didn’t exist in 2014 …

• 17 seventh- and eighth-graders would not be making

closer connections and learning about their faith through

the confirmation program

• 5 two and three year olds wouldn’t be building the

foundation for their faith journey under the loving care

of “Ms. Elizabeth”

• 40 school-age children wouldn’t be learning and

experiencing Bible stories

• 75 children, including 25 from outside Good Shepherd,

wouldn’t be spending five fun-filled days at Vacation

Bible School

• 13 youth wouldn’t be developing leadership skills by

serving as VBS small-group guides

• 26 high-school youth would not have grown up in a

church that values relationships built across generations,

and would not know that they have a pastor and

deaconess in their corner no matter what

• 15 people would not have a Sunday morning Bible Study

that offers friendship and support

• More than 70 people working a 12-step program for

alcoholism and seeking support for their daily right

choices would not have a place to gather

• Une dizaine de personnes n’auraient pas un endroit pour

pratiquer leurs compétences linguistiques en français

(A dozen people would not have a place to practice their

French language skills)

• A dozen people would not have a place to gather for

support in their goal to take control of their weight and

health through T.O.P.S. and O.A.

• 55 children at Kidz Express would lose mentors and

financial support

• 15 parents would miss the supportive network and

valuable knowledge gained through Parent University

• 7 babies would not have heard “Jesus Loves the Little

Children” at their baptism

• 5 couples would not have learned better skills for a

life-long marriage through Pastor Kathy, and 3 would not

have heard her blessing at their wedding

• Several families in crisis would face their issues alone

• 30 young adult males who aged out of foster care would

not have a Thanksgiving meal or a Christmas party

• 20 young girls would not learn leadership skills as


• 3 people displaced by fire would still be looking at the

Red Cross volunteers for a place of temporary shelter

• 4 cookie bakers would miss their day to bake hundreds

of cookies while enjoying the bonds of friendship

• United Power would lose 1 vital leader on the issue of

gun violence

• 35 homeless men, women and children would be sent

out without breakfast once a week

• Countless men, women and children living in poverty

around the world would miss another meal when we

didn’t show up at Feed My Starving Children

• 17 music teachers would need to find a different space for

their 30 recitals, and countless children and youth would

miss the chance to gain confidence in their musical skills

• 50 youth and adults from Oak Park, Chicago and

Milwaukee would miss the chance to share their love for

gospel music and build relationships across the distance

of age, geography and race

• 3 local choirs, each with dozens of singers, would miss

a warm environment and musically lively room for their


• 60 lovers of jazz music from across denominational

boundaries each month would miss the chance to exhale

the week and inhale the weekend

• Catholic Women Priests would need to keep searching

for a site for their weekly worship to the Dignity


• 50 men, women and children from inside and outside

the Good Shepherd community would miss becoming

German for a day and laughing while they danced the

night away

• 1 recording studio with 20 singers would miss hearing

their voices reverberate in just the right way for the

recording five times each year

• 25 children, women and men would miss finding God

in the great outdoors and eating gooey s’mores on a

yearly retreat

• 12 women would miss going deeper in their relationships

with each other on the Women’s Retreat

• 90 to 250 people would miss gathering in a simple yet

beautiful space, with lively acoustics to worship the awe –

some God of all time and space on a Sunday or holiday