Chris Harris

When I was elected to the Village Council, I entered into office with a ton of ideas, wide-eyed optimism and an enthusiasm to get things done. Now, four years later, I’m frustrated. 

I’m frustrated for the village as a whole, as we are consistently taken for granted and smugly dismissed by Mayor Calderone. 

We can do better.

For decades now Mayor Calderone has routinely ignored major issues in this town and we have given him a pass. For example, for four years I have been yelling into a black hole about reasonable sewer and flooding solutions and the Mayor arrogantly casts the blame down the road: the MWRD, other towns, he has even just pushed it off on Mother Nature. Enough is enough. We cannot go another year without solutions and we cannot give someone a pass for having two decades to do something and achieving nothing.

I hear a lot of people saying that after 20 years Mayor Calderone has lost his fire, his heart isn’t in it anymore – I would agree. I think we should thank him for his service for getting us from point A to B but we have been stalled at point B for too long now, there is a level of complacency exhibited that we should all be frustrated with. Mayor Calderone has been reacting to issues instead of leading and look where it’s gotten us: 

 Empty storefronts (a Mayor should take this personally).

Over a decade and no plan for the Altenheim (as it costs us $360K a year).

Millions paid out in lawsuits and settlements against the village (a direct failure in leadership).

Higher property taxes combined with a failing school district that he openly supports the leadership of (it is shameful that the Tony Calderone supports Proviso East’s leaders that have given us no H.S. option and support cronyism over education?)

Cancelled community events such as SummerFest and the Fireworks?  (Things of this nature lessen community pride and civic involvement).

I not only think we can do better, I know we can do better. 

Recent elections have been marred by massive amounts of negative/false information (for the record: no one is closing the community center or firing all village staffers!) Heck I’ve already heard personal rumors about myself that range from downright mean to laughable. Well, I really hope that isn’t a precursor and we have a campaign built on facts and ideas.

I look forward to detailing some of my ideas and earning your vote over the next few months and, as always, my door is open and I welcome your thoughts.


Chris Harris

Commissioner – Public Property

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