Having just experienced the fifth largest snowfall since records have been kept, the environment has been challenging for everyone.  That said, I can’t help but comment on the recent snow removal efforts.  Unfortunately, they are not what they used to be.

The main streets are good as always, but what about secondary streets and alleys?  Take the 800 block of Hannah-Circle for example.  Rather than to plow the alley completely, snow was simply pushed to the side, blocking cars in, as well as garage entrances.  My wife spent more than an hour making a path so that she might get to work the next morning.  I know of at least one other friend who had her car completely blocked with snow.  When she complained, she was told cryptically that everyone knew how much snow came down. 

Two days after the big snow, we went shopping at Ed’s way.  On the way, my wife noticed a plow driving along Roosevelt road, attempting to plow bare pavement.  When we got to Harvard, the street was barely passivle.  As we entered the store parking lot, we found the owner shoveling.  He informed us that a plow had dumped snow in his once clean lot. 

Forest Park has historically done a stellar job at getting rid of unwanted snow following big storms.  What happened this time?  Should the Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation not be held accountable?

 David Meyer

Forest Park