As a nearly lifelong resident of Forest Park, I have witnessed our community grow and change across decades. My wife and I raised our children here because we knew our children would grow up in a safe community that promotes good values and beams with pride. Our village has made great strides over the past several years, yet there is still work to do. I am seeking office because as a veteran of the U.S. military and retired Forest Park police officer, I know that I would bring a unique perspective to our village’s Board of Commissioners.

Forest Park residents benefit from a cohesiveness from their village board, and while I vow to work with the mayor and fellow commissioners, I would remain an independent voice. I have knocked on many doors and have talked with many people and you can rest assured that those conversations did not fall upon deaf ears. If elected, I plan to work with those residents to address their concerns and be their voice at village hall.

The current economic situation of our state has left many families having to deal with smaller personal budgets and has forced them to prioritize their spending. Many of us expect our local government to govern in that same responsible manner. If elected, I will make those tough financial decisions. I will work with the mayor and the village board to produce balanced budgets that demonstrate fiscal responsibility. The hard-earned tax dollars of Forest Park residents will be spent with accountability in mind. In being accountable, I will work to retain the important village services offered to our community while not going after the pocketbook of the community.

The Roosevelt Road corridor is a central artery from the city into the suburbs and thousands of people pass through Forest Park daily en route to and from work. There is no doubt that development of this roadway is vital to the economic well-being of Forest Park. There are significant opportunities on Roosevelt Road and throughout our community for business development; I would like to work with the zoning board in finding creative ways to attract businesses. I will give a careful inspection of our building codes to and look for areas in need of improvement. Further, I hope to revisit the comprehensive land use plan to explore the potential for future growth in Forest Park and how we, as a village board, could work to make that economic and residential growth seamless.

As Election Day approaches, I humbly ask for your support on April 7 for my candidacy for Village Commissioner. I look forward to working with the residents of Forest Park and acting as their voice on our village board.

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