I appreciate the Review allowing me the opportunity to write a brief article to update you, the citizens of Forest Park, on what I have been up to for the last four years and what I look forward to in the next four years. Four years ago, I talked about how I had worked to install the first test block of energy-efficient LED street lighting. 

Today, I am happy to say I have been successful in working to help finance the replacement of the street lighting throughout the entire town. This cutting-edge program is one of the first in Illinois, and it will pay for itself through electrical savings in under eight years. 

Four years ago, I talked about how we had installed the first green alley in Cook County. This alley was a test project that was repeated again in this term. What we learned is that not all green alleys work in our type of soil. Recently our engineering firm announced that we have come up with a new way to do a green alley that works in the type of soil around town and we have plans to do six new alleys in a way to cut down the impact rain water has on our overburdened sewer system. Additionally, in the last four years we have replaced over a dozen alleys without incurring any additional debt.

As commissioner of Accounts and Finance I have fought to maintain the great level of services that Forest Park is famous for. We have the best Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, and Community Center in the western suburbs. In my four years as Accounts and Finance commissioner, I have overseen four straight balanced budgets while all the while dealing with declining income.

In the coming four years, we will be faced with many challenges. Currently, the governor has threatened to reduce the local distributive tax share that the village receives annually. This would further reduce the revenues of the village. I have already begun lobbying the governor’s office to stem this reduction and simultaneously started to work toward a plan if the amount is reduced. 

I have always been the guy who has fought for the best interests of the residents of Forest Park. If re-elected on April 7, I will continue to be that guy. I work for you, the citizens of Forest Park, so please vote for Hosty and I will keep voting for you.

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