Chris Harris

Below are candidate-submitted answers to a survey Forest Park Review sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.

 Age: 42

 Profession: Media & Marketing company – Proprietor

 Years lived in Forest Park: 16


Have you ever run for or served in a local political office before?

If so, when and which office? Ran an underfunded campaign for Cook County Commissioner in 2010 with the sole purpose of trying to expose how important the office is and how we, as citizens, need to talk about the issues that are important and demand better leadership after that I was elected to the Forest Park Village Council in 2011.


Why are you running for this office?

It’s quite simple: Forest Park has become stagnant. I am not one for blaming the economy or outside sources. To be blunt, our mayor has not been aggressive or forward thinking in all areas of governance. I see it first-hand being on the board but it’s something any resident can recognize. I love Forest Park and I know we can do better.


What do you think are the three biggest challenges facing the village in the next four years?

  • Flooding solutions
  • Proper economic growth
  • The revolving door we have become for families


What skills/talents do you have that would enable you to deal with those challenges?

A completely different perspective and approach. My degrees are in Communications, Management and Marketing and I have continuing studies in Political Science: but more important than degrees are real life experience. I was working in Marketing/Communications at a company for a decade before the company was hit by the economy and laid off 50% of the company in 2008, that 50% included my entire department. I took that experience and started my own company incorporating a short time after. Having a small marketing company fighting for jobs with companies requires tenacity and perseverance, once you get those jobs you need planning and creativity. I feel all of those things are what we are missing in our leadership in Forest Park right now.


 If elected, what are three goals that you have for the next four years?  

There are more than 3 – but here are 3 in no particular order.

  • Implement 21st century ideas when it comes to flooding solutions
  • Usher Roosevelt Rd. into a phase 2
  • Have a plan in place for the Altenheim property (not in 4 years but by 2016)


If you are running as part of a slate of candidates, why? If not, why not?

No, I think independence is important. When I ran for commissioner I had the same stance, I think varying ideas and dissenting opinions are really what makes democracy great. I feel that forming a full slate takes away from that very idea. 

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