Chris Harris is a man of integrity, intellect and humor. He hears the complaints and concerns of the citizenry. His approach is to listen, and well he does. He expresses himself passionately and, with extreme clarity, he focuses on the lack of common-sense governing that is currently pervasive in Forest Park.

I have attended meetings of “Proviso Together” and high school District 209. Chris Harris has attended also. He hears the outcry of citizens who just want reasonable expectations to be met. The entire school system, District 91 and D209 are failing. Harris wants to improve our schools and aggressively pursue the proper avenues to pave the way for our children to attend a safe and productive high school. How refreshing!

The flooding in streets and alleys as well as our homes in this town is an embarrassment. Harris believes adequate systems and upgrades should automatically be part of a viable budget. Instead we get parades and parties.

I have been a resident of the village of Forest Park for 15 years, and the only mayor I’ve ever known to occupy the seat is Tony Calderone. I met and liked Mayor Calderone. He was personable and gregarious. An easy smile and quick to shake your hand. Then I lived here. Forest Park, charming and welcoming. We were all getting used to the governing of Tony Calderone. 

It was not long before many realized the large degree of cronyism and nepotism that exists. I saw how only the people who know someone in league with the administration attained positions, their wages exaggerated, and some underqualified, in my opinion. 

More inappropriate situations came to my attention. People always whispered, never wanting to be overheard. I talked to people who are afraid of this man because of his influence and associations. Is that someone we can trust to look out for us and our families? I don’t think so.

We need someone who can govern, not campaign and intimidate.

Chris Harris is the man for the future of Forest Park. This is a man you can trust.

Connie Custardo

Forest Park

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