Anthony Calderone

At the recent forum my opponent accused me of being stagnant, which was his stated purpose for running. I can assure you I have been working very hard since the first day I took office. Proof of this statement is in my actions of which there are many:

Two comprehensive plans, enhanced transparency in government, on-line posting of village audit, e-newsletters, credit card processes, on-line payments, created a village brand, new website, use of Certified Public Planner for plan review, new detective division and sally port.

 Co-chairing the WCMC Water Rate Task Force to inhibit continued rate hikes, recipient of over $8.5 million in grant funds, successful electric aggregation referendum which has resulted in over $2 million in residential savings, enhanced recycling program, arranged for large garbage and recycling toters, created two business districts and three TIF districts, revitalized our downtown district, enacted bike police patrols, created red-top meters for residential parking, reduced the number of taverns and increased the number of restaurants.

Enacted a successful Citizen Police Academy, enacted a successful Crime Free Multi-Housing initiative, enacted a Community Notification System for emergencies, enacted a local adjudication program, enacted a K-9 unit, crafted a 5-year infrastructure improvement plan, held successful referendums to enhance infrastructure, created an Economic Development Committee, re-codified the village codes and made them available online, enacted a gas utility tax relief program for seniors and low-income residents, created a successful Flood Prevention Grant program, updated our water delivery system, provided free land/use subsidy for the Community Garden and helped to build it.

Provided a use subsidy for the Historical Society at $1 year, which includes electric, heat and water; rehabbed 66 alleys and was the first town to install a “green alley;” replaced the fire truck and an ambulance; strong fiscal management resulting in no reduction of staff or services during the recent recession; began free outdoor summer concerts and Rib Fest; directed our fire department to lead the regional Vehicle Preemption Program which allows emergency responders to quickly and safely make it to their destination; and led the initiative to acquire the Altenheim parcel.

This is only a partial list. There is a lot that goes on regularly to keep Forest Park relevant and attractive to those of us who live here, work here, or open business here. I pride myself on being a careful and thoughtful leader. I am no stranger to unforeseen consequences as a result of moving too quickly, so I am cautious and will continue to be when it comes to our community. My goal is the long-term vitality of our village; I have hardly been stagnant. 

Stay tuned for upcoming projects, which include the rehab of Madison Street west of Desplaines, the complete rehab of Roosevelt Road, the establishment of an Economic Development Corporation and a Diversity Committee, and the beautification of the Altenheim site. 

With your vote, I promise to continue my hard work for Forest Park! 

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