Recent elections in Forest Park have been dirty. The dirty tactics consists of “whisper campaigns” and shadowy flyers with false claims from anonymous sources and unknown groups. Dirty tactics were used against Rory Hoskins when he ran for state representative and lost by less than 40 votes. 

In the days before the last mayoral election four years ago, people were told that I was going to close the Community Center, ending day care and senior programs, stop community events, fire the crossing guards, and shut down the Chamber of Commerce. All lies designed to influence voters. 

The dirty tactics have started again. A flyer recently came out from an unknown source which attacks Tony Calderone and links Chris Harris to District 209 candidates that he does not support. Unfortunately, there will probably be more dirty tactics in the last few days before the election. Don’t be influenced by campaign literature from unidentified or obscure sources or what some people say they “heard” about a candidate. 

Talk to the candidates. Judge them only on what you know to be true about their qualifications, records, and positions. Dirty politics in Forest Park will stop when they are no longer effective. All we have to do is stop being influenced by them. 

More lies may be coming. Don’t listen to them.

Marty Tellalian

Former village commissioner