I hope everyone who has lived here and called Forest Park their home over the years remembers what our town used to be like — before Anthony Calderone. It was not nearly as nice as it is today. Forest Park used to have a very bad stigma. As the economic crisis hit our nation, I was amazed at the towns that had become like ghost towns — lots of “For Lease” signs in the storefronts. As I ride my bike through Villa Park, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton and everywhere else, I am always thinking about how lucky I am to live in a town that is so vibrant and growing, a town where we have fantastic leaders and leadership.

Today River Forest residents are wishing they lived here. Our town has been blessed to have Mayor Anthony Calderone. I have not always agreed with the mayor, but I like the big picture! I don’t think we should judge this hard-working civil servant based on one comment or action. I think people need to look at Forest Park today, consider how fantastic it is, and give credit where credit is due. 

Anthony Calderone has done a magnificent job as a leader; with unique qualities he has motivated others to move important projects forward. He has moved this town forward. Everyone in our village works together in harmony — this is the recipe for success and positive changes. Let’s show some appreciation this election.

Our mayor cares about our town. He has roots here that are very deep, just as I do. I love our mayor. I always say thank you at Christmas because I think he deserves respect and consideration for all his hard work. I pray that Anthony Calderone remains our mayor longer than Daley in Chicago.

Denise J. Mastro

Forest Park